Consistent payment

We work both with the owners of websites or blogs personally and with legal entities. Consistent automatic payments twice a month regardless of the amount of earnings.

We support various means of withdrawal:

Our partners also have access to convenient statistics concerning the ad unit and a transparent system of payments

High CTR and CPM

By virtue of segmentation of advertising space and division of the audience we can provide displace of targeted advertisements exclusively. It provides a high conversion rate of the ad unit (CTR) and as the result, a high income for website owners (CPM) in comparison with the rivals.

Our advanced technology allows to display the most interesting advertisements for the readers of your website. It is based on the assessment of interests of a specific user and his / her activity on the Internet.

The average efficiency rates in our system are 2 to 3 times as high as those of teaser networks.

Possibility to buy and exchange traffic

We offer our partners both increasing the audience by means of exchanging visitors with participants of our news network and buying commercial traffic.

It ensures cosistent growth of audience that will make up the core users of your project.

You will be able to reach your target audience on a broader scope. Visitors will come to your website exclusively from thematically close sources.

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