High conversion traffic

Our algorithms select avertisements for display only to target users according to their interests.

It provides a high CTR of advertisements. Besides, we work only with verified websites that have quality audience.

We also make sure to prevent click fraud and analyze all the traffic in great detail by means of our own audit system. It allows our clients to pay only for targeted high-conversion traffic.

Round-the-clock accounting

It includes:

help with account registration, development of advertising campaigns according to the client’s media plan, targeting settings, development of advertising materials (teasers);
moderation of advertising materials takes 15 minutes, round-the-clock and seven days a week;
monitoring of fast and efficient functioning of advertising campaigns, monitoring of conversions;
delegating of the displaying statistics to the client, the client’s advertisers or other partners as per request.

Narrow targeting

Targeting set only for the audience that you require.

We provide the possibility for refined setting of advertising campaigns, which provides displays of advertisements only to your target audience.

In the settings of the advertising campaign, you can select the main parameters of the audience your advertisements will be shown to: geography, gender, age, interests etc.

Retargeting provides for easy exclusion of web users who are not the target audience for your offer.

All the settings are intuitively understandable and do not require expensive experts who take up most of the advertising budget.

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